M3 Anti-Abuse Foundation (M3AAF) was founded in 2013 to advocate for safe and effective Internet access for users in all countries with all the benefits of participating in the online community, including economic growth and improved well being. The founding board of directors are:

Jerry Upton, Chair of the Board
Jerry Upton has served as M3AAWG Executive Director since the organization’s founding in 2004 until his retirement in March 2020. Previously, in his more than twenty years experience at Motorola, he held executive positions in standards, software and mobile phone products, alliance management and business development. Mr. Upton was also the founding Chairman of the Open Mobile Alliance, a mobile standardization forum, and served as a TIA Engineering Committee Chair.



Amy Cadagin, Vice Chair, Secretary & Member of the Board
Amy Cadagin is M3AAWG’s Executive Director. Amy was previously the Director of Operations and has been with M3AAWG since 2006—not long after the organization was started. Amy began as a Program Manager working with Committee Chairs ahead of each general meeting developing sessions, keeping track of work as it evolved and developed, helping facilitate dialogue between the various constituencies and ensuring that the work of M3AAWG happened smoothly. Amy has managed the organization’s logistics and implemented numerous process improvements that have directly contributed to the organization’s growth and success. Amy is a champion and advocate for diversity and inclusion within M3AAWG and the industry at large.



Michael LoBue, CAE, Treasurer & Member of the Board
Michael LoBue brings over 30 years of governance and management experience to the Foundation, including direct involvement in the formation of more than a dozen industry associations in technology sectors. LoBue is active in the professional community of association and foundation management.



Severin Walker, Member of the Board
Severin Walker is Chairman of M3AAWG’s Board of Directors. Severin has over 15 years of experience in the areas of messaging security and incident response at Comcast. Mr. Walker has worked on several initiatives to better the customer experience as well as contribute to a more secure internet. His current team of engineers develop and maintain platforms that enforce best practices and protect their customers from attacks. At M3AAWG, Mr. Walker has presented on topics such as delivery over IPv6 and mailbox provider policies. He eventually went on to chair the M3AAWG Messaging and Technical committees, learning from the organization’s founding members while facilitating contributions from newer attendees. Mr. Walker believes M3AAWG to be an integral part of the internet’s security as it provides a vetted and confidential space for hundreds of subject matter experts to collaborate.


Bill Woodcock, Member of the Board
Bill Woodcock is a pioneering Internet policy maker, who specializes in the creation, promotion, and implementation of economically efficient technologies to stimulate the growth of Internet traffic in both developed and developing countries. A founder and research director of Packet Clearing House, a non-profit research institute investigating Internet routing economics, Woodcock has also successfully operated several commercial ventures in the Internet connectivity and content distribution space.